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5 Tips to Baby Proof Your Front and Back Yard

The following article was written by a new friend who is very interested in making sure parents are fully aware of the importance of child proofing their home and yard. And, I feel this is also an important topic for parents to be made aware of.  Therefore, besides this article, my next post on November 4th is titled "68 Ways to Child Proof Your House and Outdoors." and is provided by

5 Tips to Baby Proof Your Front Yard and Backyard
Most parents understand the importance of baby proofing a home. Fortunately, a lot of them act on this understanding and they baby proof their home. They do the usual baby proofing tips like using pinch guards, outlet covers, baby gates and more.
Unfortunately, a lot of these parents fail to recognize the need to baby proof their front yard and backyard. Yes, you have to baby proof these areas as well. After all, you have no plans of keeping your baby inside your home 24/7, right?
It’s good for your child to go out and play and at his tender age, the best and safest place to do this is right outside your home. However, these areas can be dangerous as well, so it’s up to you to follow these baby proofing tips to secure them.
Make Sure that You have a Secure and Solid Fence
If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you install a secure and solid fence. This is to help keep your child in the yard while he’s playing. Kids are fast. One second they’re playing in your front yard, and the next second they’re already in harm’s way on the road.
If you already have a fence, make sure to check it to make sure that it’s secure and solid. Fix damages and make sure that the gate is secure.
Cover Your Pool
Your child can easily fall into the pool. This is why you have to keep it covered when not in use. Better yet, keep it fenced. This applies to whatever outdoor water structure you have.
Check Out Your Yard for the Presence of Dangerous Plants
You may not know this yet, but there could be toxic and dangerous plants in your yard. If you’re familiar with them, check out your yard for their presence so you can remove them or keep them fenced in. Better yet, ask for help from an expert.
Make Sure to Maintain Outdoor Playground Equipment Regularly
Unfortunately, a lot of parents think that outdoor playground equipment is a “set it and forget about it” type of equipment. These require regular maintenance. Make sure to check them regularly to ensure their integrity. They shouldn’t be a potential hazard.
While you’re at it, make sure that the surfaces in and around these equipment are friendly enough just in case your child falls.
Use Your Outdoor Grill with Caution
Sure, having a barbecue party with your family is a good way to bond. However, outdoor grills can get really hot so they’re a potential burn hazard. Make sure to use them with caution away from children. Secure your grill well once you’re finished.
These are just some of the baby proofing tips that you can follow for your front yard and backyard. Follow them so your child can experience playing in the outdoors safely and comfortably. Of course, these are not all of the tips that you should follow. Check out this infographic from for the best babyproofing tips to follow.

Written by: Thomas Jepsen

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